Every Day with Jesus – July/August 2016 – Seek Me and Live

Every Day with Jesus – July/August 2016 – Seek Me and Live  ‘let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream’ Amos 5:24

Over the next two months, Selwyn looks at the book of Amos, who wrote around the time of 750 BC. He was thought to be an expect in agriculture  and travelled widely from his home town in Tekoa, Judah (Southern Kingdom) to parts of Israel (Northern Kingdom).

In the notes for the first day of this issue, Selwyn tells us a little more: “During a lull in international tensions, the kingdoms of Israel in the north and Judah in the south were enjoying what amounted to a ‘golden age’. The two kingdoms had grown prosperous and complacent.

The economy was growing, consumption was rising, the places of worship were full. But during his trips across the border into Israel, Amos noticed that beneath the surface lurked serious injustice, hypocrisy, corruption, and false worship.”

In his second study of this issue, Selwyn writes: “How comfortable are you in your spiritual life? If we are honest, far too many of us have settled down in a comfort zone and do not wish to be disturbed. Even a Bible study group can be a place where we pool our ideas rather than a place where we go to hear God speak.

If you don’t want to be challenged in you Christian life then don’t read any further. Amos is a very challenging book. The words recorded in it will bring us face to face with the fact that God will never agree to preserve our comfortable and complacent spiritual status.”

Please join me in the discussion on the book of Amos; however, if you feel comfortable with you spiritual life, particularly if you live in a western society – then don’t waste your time. Enjoy what time you have, feeling ‘comfortable’.