Defining a new moral standard

In June, I read an article in a newspaper, the Weekend Australia (June 25-26, 2011) written by Frank Furedi, with the title ‘Where Gay Matrimony Meets Elite Sanctimony.’

I liked what he said, what follows is an extract: ” … This (the call for gay marriage rights) is not so much a call for legal change as a cause: one that endows its supporters with moral superiority and demotes its opponents with the status of moral inferiority. As a result, it does not simply represent a claim for a right but a demand for the institutionalisation of new moral and cultural values.”

He goes on to demonstrate the expression of this attitude by various people. The first, “by the chairman of Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission, who made the comment that an old-time religion incompatible with modern society was driving Christians to clash with mainstream views.”

The next person he quoted was the journalist Hadley Freeman who writes for The Guardian, her central view (in a simplified form) is that same-sex marriage is ‘right’ and all forms of opposition are, by definition, ‘wrong’. I went to her article (referrenced by Furedi)  to make sure that the next quote was exact, and it follows: “Our grandparents saw, if not the end of antisemitism then at least an end of it being an acceptable part of mainstream discourse. Our parents saw the beginning of that same moral tide turn against racism and sexism. Now is the time for homophobic legislation and talk to be seen for what it is: as shocking as racism, as unforgivable as antisemitism.” I also noticed in her article some poor analysis of what the Bible says, in particular, she quoted some of the old regulations which applied to Israel; yet, have no place in the new covenant. Perhaps someone should lead her through the letter to the Hebrews?

The point I’m highlighting in this article is that any opposition to same-sex marriage is being put into the same category as racism and antisemitism. In addition, this attitude is being adopted by civil rights crusaders and legislators; lastly and not in the least, this attitude is not only supported by the mainstream media, it is being actively championed by tweeting celebrities and their supporters.

I don’t think we can do much to change this situation except we can call out to Jesus to guide us in delivering the truth as found in Scripture; because at the end-of-the day, it’s only by His strength that the direction of history can be changed.

Your views?