Christians killed in Egypt

Today I read a report on; excerpt as follows: “(CNN) — Shooters opened fire at a gathering outside an eastern Egyptian church, killing six during the celebration of a Christian sect’s Christmas Eve, Egypt’s Interior Ministry reported.

Coptics — adherents of an Egyptian sectof Christianity that observes Christmas Day on January 7 — were leaving mass at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday in Naga Hammadi City when they were attacked, the government told CNN. …

It’s interesting that this report has not received much coverage in the international news; and, the second point is that CNN would call the largest Christian group in Egypt– a ‘sect’.  Although, the word ‘sect’ has a generalised meaning (which can be used in this case); in some western countries, the meaning has tended to become narrow, such that it often indicates a group which is not part of the mainstream and also has a strong adherence to their own set of rules.

The Coptic Church of Egypt is one of the oldest Christian churches in the world.

Whatever words you use, the killing of six people outside their church, in any country – is a sad event.