Understanding God

Now and then, you read something – often simple, but which has a profound effect.

I received a comment, a few days ago, which read: “Please help me to understand the Bible.”

The truth is: I can’t help anyone to understand God’s written word. God Himself helps those who seek to understand His ways, as recorded in His ‘love letters’ to His faithful remnant. The Spirit of God works within the heart of each one of us – to provide such understanding that enables us to continue our journey, and grow in Christ-like maturity.

It’s through prayer – the way we talk to God; the type of prayer where we put our concerns, our desire to learn more about HIm, at the foot of HIs throne. He loves us so much that He will always respond – He will enable us – to understand as much as we need to know, at that point in time.

Love Jesus, with all your heart, mind and spirit – and He will help you to understand the Bible. In this area – I am only His servant – I can only point to the way; the one, and only true way.