Truth and myth

Filipino Devotees Honor Jesus Statue, By HRVOJE HRANJSKI, Associated Press Writer, Full story here, January 9, 2007

Here is an extract: “MANILA, Philippines – Tens of thousands (of) barefoot Filipino Catholic devotees jostled for a chance to touch a black statue of Jesus in an annual procession Wednesday, seeking blessings or forgiveness for their sins.  …

Many believe the life-sized wooden figure, brought by Spanish missionaries from Mexico in 1606, holds mystical powers that can wash away sins or cure illnesses. The missionaries’ ship caught fire and the statue was burned but survived as a testament to the Philippines’ unique brand of Catholicism that combines folk superstitions in Asia’s most populous Christian nation.”

The isssue is that Jesus, our God, has already washed away sin. This problem must be dealt with by Catholic teachers, there can be no doubt that folk superstitions are a form of idolatry, and must never be combined with the way, and the truth. There can be no compromise – just as the bronze serpent was smashed, so too black statues of Jesus must also be smashed – for the same reason.

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There are double standards and double standards …

There is an article on the Religious Intelligence site  “Double standards’ over gays”  Tuesday, 8th January 2008. 5:39pm, By: George Conger

Which reports: “The Church of England is not being honest about the issue of homosexuality, US Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has told the BBC Radio 4’s PM programme.

The failure of other Anglican Churches to be honest about the non-celibate homosexual bishops and clergy active in their churches was ‘certainly a difficulty in our context’ in the US, she said. “There’s certainly a double standard.” Bishop Schori urged the Anglican Communion to follow America’s moral high road. “The Episcopal Church lives in a society that values transparency,” she said, and others should follow the its lead and not be ashamed to question Scripture and the Church’s historic teachings.

Bishop Jefferts Schori goes on to say, (we should) ‘bring these issues out into the public sphere where we can do public theologizing about them.

It was unfair to single out the American Church for permitting same-sex blessings, when other churches were turning a blind eye to the practice, Bishop Schori said. “Those services are happening in various places, including in the Church of England, where my understanding is that there are far more of them happening than there are in the Episcopal Church,” she said.

These are interesting claims made by the US Presiding Bishop.  I would think that there has been endless public-theologizing about these issues.  In addition, there are many (& have been many in the past) who unashamedly question Scripture and the Church’s historic teachings – however, some may say that the American Church is perhaps a few centuries behind those who were first active in this area.

One comment which jumps off the screen is that the Bishop ‘urged the Anglican Communion to follow America’s moral high road.’  The issue which the Bishop needs to address is, that outside of the USA and Canada, there would be little in the way of support for this somewhat humorous statement.

In summary, if you believe that the Bible represents unchanging spiritual truths. If you believe that God actually knows the future and what He wrote through His prophets and apostles reflects His perfect knowledge of all things – past, present and future.  Then the US Presiding Bishop must develop a new gospel and new theology to match the moral high ground upon which the American Church is building its future. It is indeed a different standard – but one of countless many, which have gone before and fallen.


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Before my conversion I looked at most other frameworks of structured human thought/philosophy (inc. zen & humanism). At one time, I was a leading exponent of Sartrean existentialism, coming from the ranks of Nietzsche’s would-be supermen, having left behind the ruins of nihilism. I see all these other attempts to explain the meaning of life, as meaningless mazes that have no exit points. A chasing after the wind. (Please pardon the puns and poor wordplay  🙂 )

Yes, that’s correct – I have a closed mind about the issue – check out my history on and you will understand why!

A new year

A conservative group of anglican archbishops, bishops and others, are organising a Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) to be held in the Holy Land in June 2008. I guess the main outcome would be a road-map for conservative Anglicans, post the pending split in the Anglican Communion.  [Perhaps, regarding the schism – it’s more accurate to say while we wait for official recognition of the existing de facto parting of the ways.]

A pro-gay website contains this wonderful quote: “GAFCON is an event for the like-minded. A gathering of the like-minded is very specifically not a Christian ideal nor part of the teaching of Jesus Christ.”

Depending on the subject of the ‘like-mindedness’  – it could be a core teaching of Jesus – such is the problem of these catchy generalisations – they are usually exceptionally wrong.